Worldwide Presence

International Presence through Cooperation

The Sparkassen have an exclusive provider for the worldwide handling of document credits: The Bank of New York Mellon (abbreviated: BNY Mellon). In 35 countries on all 5 continents, the BNY Mellon represent its own branches, subsidiaries or representative offices and is considered with more than 2,000 correspondent banks as a “Global Player.” The focus of the international presence is in Southeast Asia, India and China. Thanks to its local, country-specific market knowledge and experienced experts in the credit business, the BNY Mellon is an ideal partner with a comprehensive service, as you are accustomed from your Sparkasse.

What impact does this cooperation have on your business?

All over the world, letters of credit can now be sent directly and much faster to your Sparkasse. Intermediary banks are no longer required. The entire document processing remains with us, your S-International Westfalen. You continue to have your trusted contact persons and the processing modalities do not change either. Only the path of the letter of credit becomes shorter.

Bank of New York Mellon: Our global Network

Contact Persons

If you would like to be informed about your own benefits, please contact your specialist advisor for international business. We optimize liquidity flow, risk hedging and the handling of your transactions for you based on your individual ideas and needs.

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