Documentary Collection

More security for your International Business

With a document collection you can carry out your business step by step. As an exporter, you instruct us to collect the equivalent value of your goods against handing over debt collection documents. That gives you more security.

Advantages for Exporters

  • simple handling
  • Less risk than with a simple promise of payment
  • Security based on uniform directives (ERI)
  • cost-effective payment option

Advantages for Importers

  • simple handling
  • compared to the letter of credit, there is no liquidity burden during collection
  • security based on uniform directives (ERI)
  • cost-effective variant, if exporter wants higher security

Appropriate Solutions

A Document Collection offers exporters more security than a promise of payment. However, it does not close risks for exporters and importers. We would be happy to advise you, which option for your specific case fits to secure your foreign business.

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